Twin Sisters Park in Rockford is a spooky place that holds great mystery.


Twin Sister Hills Park is between Keith Creek, 27th Street, near East High School. The folk lore and creepy stories of this park are the stuff of legend.

As the years go by, the stories of Twin Sisters Park gets more and more deep and dark. According to Mystery Heartland the woods, have  been the scene of murder, hangings, and possibly even a drowning. You could hear the screams, mysterious children will walk by,  even voices from trees telling you to run for safety. Oh Halloween season is here and in full swing.

From the book, "Legends and Lore of Illinois" the quote is:

If you walk by the willow tree it is said that you have a strange desire to go into the woods

So let's do just that, lets go for a walk in the woods. Well not me actually, I appreciate the warmth and comfort of The Eagle studio. The only thing scary around here is this guy name Brian, but that's a story for another day.

I found a video from Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project filmed back in 2013. Dan tours the haunted grounds of Twin Sisters Park in Rockford and tells the stories with camera in hand.