Winnebago County can be quite scary at times, just pull up to a stoplight and look at the person in the car next to you. But as we move closer to October and all the spooky Halloween fun, let's direct you to some "ghost towns" in Winnebago County.

From Daily Odds comes three locations in Winnebago County that might be worth your time to drive through, or around depending on how brave you are. All of these are a short drive away and who knows what you might see or think you see. Get your Google maps ready and maybe pack some extra underwear.

Here are the Top Three Scariest Ghost Towns in Winnebago County:

  • Letham Park - This one is about 5 miles south of Rockton
  • Genet - 3 miles west of Loves Park 
  • Alworth - Near Pecatonica, 5 miles East of Seward

All of these are on or near railroads, what's up with that? Do spirits travel by train?  Let us know if you have ever witnessed any strange happenings in these areas. We will send Double T out to investigate.

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