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"This is Aux Sable Cemetery in Minooka, IL. A very cool haunted location. There is about a half a mile road and bridge you go through before you reach the entrance. Not only is the graveyard haunted but the road is also." - Southside Paranormal Society

Located 1 hour and 40 minutes from Rockford, is the Aux Sable Cemetery, in Minooka, IL. This place is the stuff of legend, and there has been enough sightings and creepy stuff to make you wanna take the drive.

According to Michael Kleen  Aux Sable Cemetery used to be hunting ground for Pottawatomie Indians.As we fast forward to the 1980's there were rumors of satanic rituals at the cemetery.

There are many, many stories of hauntings, and floating little girls, etc etc...But the fact that there's a half mile road and bridge just to enter the place??

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