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First off, I want to say thank you to Pam Schultz for these pictures. Pam loves the outdoors, and having her camera with her. She captured some amazing "Eagle" photos and I could not wait to share these with "Eagle" listeners.

Yes, the "Eagle" is everywhere. Pam has done a little traveling to capture the eagle, everywhere from in Boon County, to Rock Cut State Park, Nygren, Land o Lakes Wisconsin, even up near Michigan.

If you plan on going out looking on your own, eagles like areas that can help them spot their prey easily. Open fields, or land pieces of land that aren't covered in tall brush of weeds. Also tall trees that provide them a spot to roost, and a great hunting cover. They will sit in all their glory and watch for their prey from high above.

In the event that you find an eagles nest, there are some "rules" you should be aware of. AUDUBON

  • Consider Context - Some eagles will not tolerate humans close by, and might be easily disturbed.
  • Know When They Are Most Vulnerable - The breeding cycle and keeping an eye of their young, important. Watch for a while before getting close to a nest.
  • Make Yourself Scarce - Shoot from the blind if possible, keep yourself hidden
  • Don't Bait - It's not legal and not ethical.

Alright folks, here is the "Eagle" through the eyes of a Belvidere resident. Thank you again, Pam!

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