It's February, AKA the month of love!

After the year that was 2020, I feel like we should all put a little extra love into this month. Whether that means being nicer to your family you're stuck at home with, or just holding the door for a stranger. And while you're spreading all that love, don't forget about our furry friends. They totally deserve some extra love!

Businesses that adopt the model of "buy one, donate one" are so incredible. Bark on Mulford in Rockford is doing just that for the month of February to help spread some local love.

How incredible is that? So if you've been needing to get your pup a new leash, collar, or harness, this is your sign to get one that gives back to your community. I also love that they made it an open donation so even if you don't need any new gear for your pup, you can still be a part of the event.

Their post details that even if you're not looking to purchase, you can still donate gently-used collars, leashes, and harnesses to Bark on Mulford and they'll pass them on to Winnebago County Animal Services.

Also if you have a Valentine in your life who is an animal lover, the gift options are endless. So while you're there giving back to your community, shop for your Valentine, get it all done in one stop.

Maybe your dog is your Valentine, you should totally get them a gift. And what better gift than a snazzy new collar or leash?


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