By the time the first pitch is thrown at 7:08 tonight you might already be a wreck.

Chicago White Sox at Chicago Cubs
TNS, Getty Images

The blood pressure has been through the roof during this LA Dodgers series for sure.

Sports stress and anxiety is a real thing. So many people live and breathe Chicago Cubs baseball. So with your backs against the wall Cubs fans, how do you handle it?

  • Listen to music - BTW have you downloaded the new 96.7 The Eagle App?
  • Call a friend - Don't text, call. A calm familiar voice can calm the nerves.
  • Talk yourself through it - When calling a friend is not an option, talking yourself through something is the next best thing.
  • Eat right - Stree eating is a thing, go for it.
  • Drink tea - Drinking highly caffeinated beverages will spike your blood pressure. Sip some tea.

Enjoy the game tonight, and take a deep breath. Go Cubs Go!


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