By the time the first pitch is thrown at 7:08 tonight you might already be a wreck.

TNS, Getty Images

The blood pressure has been through the roof during this LA Dodgers series for sure.

Sports stress and anxiety is a real thing. So many people live and breathe Chicago Cubs baseball. So with your backs against the wall Cubs fans, how do you handle it?

According to Healthline here are five ways you can deal with the stress of tonight's game:

  • Listen to music - BTW have you downloaded the new 96.7 The Eagle App?
  • Call a friend - Don't text, call. A calm familiar voice can calm the nerves.
  • Talk yourself through it - When calling a friend is not an option, talking yourself through something is the next best thing.
  • Eat right - Stree eating is a thing, go for it.
  • Drink tea - Drinking highly caffeinated beverages will spike your blood pressure. Sip some tea.

Enjoy the game tonight, and take a deep breath. Go Cubs Go!