I can totally relate to this, considering I'm still in the process of unpacking mine and my families belongings.

But there's a new study out that says one in ten Americans would rather spend a week in jail than move.

This is because of all the work that goes into a move. Between the packing, then loading all those boxes onto a truck, unloading the truck, and finally the unpacking.


I'm in the unpacking stage currently and I couldn't tell you where half the stuff for/in my kitchen is. The bathroom is pretty much the only room I've completely unpacked.

The study goes on to say that it takes the average person four months to get completely unpacked. So I've got that to look forward too.

It also goes on to compare one in five Americans saying that moving is more stressful than planning a wedding. Where 27% say that there's more pressure to move that be in a job interview.

I don't know all that. I've been a part of wedding planning and I think I'd rather move. Even if it really does.

I guess I have the next four months to look forward too digging out all my stuff.

Who knows maybe I'll find something cool I forgot about.


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