With "that" finally over, deep breath and let's go do something fun.

children kid screaming expression on white

Are your co-workers freaking out? Are you packing your bags for Canada?  Are you excited to see cat videos and what people had for dinner again on Facebook? Fear not my friends, The Eagle is here to help bring inner peace and find you something fun to do.

I think everyone just needs to go do something fun. Think about it, a little smile and happiness goes a long way especially when you are stressed out. I truly couldn't have picked a better time to get sick. I was in bed by nine last night and didn't wake up until seven this morning.

So here is your plan for today, pick one of these 6 options and go have fun. Now there are a lot more than 6 local things you can do to bring a smile to your face, but here are 6.

  • Anderson Japanese Gardens - Relaxing on a fall day, breathe it in.
  • Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens - Feed some birds.
  • Discovery Center Museum - This place always makes me smile, oh the possibilities.
  • Burpee Museum of Natural History - Dinosaurs.
  • Midway Village - 20,000 square feet of local Rockford and regional Illinois history
  • Sinnissippi Park - Throw on a jacket and go for a walk.

No excuses people. If you are bummed out about the election or anything else, here are 6 escapes from reality. Rockford has so many amazing features that will put your mind as easy.