Even though the Chicago Bulls are a terrible basketball team, the franchise is still worth billions.

It seems so long ago when Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA and winning six NBA titles for the Bulls. Ever since he retired, the team has never been the same. They've teased us a couple of times but they always seem to come up short. The team hasn't been good for a long time.

I went to a game last season. It was hard to watch. The only reason I went was to take my nephew to his first game. Plus, I was able to purchase cheap tickets through StubHub.

I'm shocked because the fans still show up to games, wear the gear, and cheer the team. After all these years later, Chicago is stilling living off of those six Championships.

I've noticed something surprising about the NBA. The team doesn't have to be good to be worth serious money. I'm talking billions with a B dollars.

Out of the top five, only two are good, The Warriors and Celtics. One is bad, the Lakers. Two are the worst, the Knicks and Bulls. New York and Chicago are laughing stocks of the league.

According to bleacherreport.com,

Here are the top five NBA teams in value...

  1. Knicks - $4 billion
  2. Lakers - $3.7 billion
  3. Warriors - $3.5 billion
  4. Bulls - $2.9 billion
  5. Celtics - $2.8 billion

That's just embarrassing.

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