November 1st is National Calzone Day, so here are some places in Rockford you can go to celebrate.

I have to admit. I'm a huge fan of calzones. I got really excited when I heard November 1st is National Calzone Day.

If you're not completely sure what a calzone is, don't worry I can help you with that.

From, here is the definition of a calzone.

"A baked or fried turnover of pizza dough stuffed with various fillings usually including cheese."

Where should I go to celebrate?

Best Places In Rockford To Get A Calzone

  • Giuseppe's - 950 Halsted
  • Jo-Jo's - 3110 South Alpine
  • Pino's on Main - 2511 North Main
  • Dough Bros - 4415 Harrison
  • Shiro's - 1201 North Springfield
  • Napoli's - 6560 North Alpine
  • Mama Mia's - 1139 North Alpine
  • Anna's - 3505 North Main
  • Sam's - 6075 East Riverside
  • Old Chicago - 6280 East State

I hope you enjoy eating some tasty calzones on National Calzone Day in Rockford.

Where is your favorite place to order a calzone?


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