Happy Pi Day March 14th, 3.14.

Apple Pie Isolated On White , Top View
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Pi is a mathematical constant, commonly approximated as 3.14159 and so on and so on. One time my oldest son did a presentation about Pi, and that's all I heard for like three weeks. I asked my now high school 11th grader on the way to school this morning how far into Pi could he go, "3.1415, something".

So of course we need to talk "pie" today, it's like a national holiday or something. So here are The Best 3.14 Pie Spots in Rockford.

  • Kate's Pie Shop Cafe & Records - 6685 E State St
  • Banana Cherry Bakery - 1274 S Alpine Rd
  • Jessica's Restaurant - 5091 Edgemere Ct, Roscoe

Now Jessica's counts as the 1.14 because they are a full service, sit down family restaurant. Their pies are amazing too!

This leads me to other "pie related activities" and ideas. What ever happened to the young lady from the Warrant "Cherry Pie" video. Her name was Bobbie Brown and after hitting MTV fame she went on to do movies like "Last Action Hero" and wrote a great tell all book called Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip.




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