No Kardashian reality shows, no texting, no internet, a lot has changed since the 1970's locally and around the world.

Disco mirror ball

Let's take a look at Pop Culture from the 1970's:

  • The Beatles Break Up
  • Jimi Hendrix Dies
  • The First VCR
  • Cigarette Ads are Banned from TV
  • Disney World Opens

Now Pop Culture from 2016:

  • Guns and Roses get back together
  • David Bowie Dies
  • You can watch any movie on the internet
  • Vape
  • Disney is the "Happiest Place of Earth"

Amazingly there are some things that cycle back around, like clothing styles and haircuts. What is currently referred to as a "hipster" was the style in the 1970's. May of 1977 the movie Star Wars was released, and now Star Wars fans await the next release with nervous anticipation.

Rockford has seen it's changes as well. Back in the 1970's you could go eat at:

  • The Chick House Restaurant
  • J Basford Restaurant and Bakery
  • New Deal Cafe
  • Lerch's Lunch Room

In 2016 you can go to:

  • Five Guys Burgers
  • Portillo's
  • Abreo
  • Woodfire Brick Oven Pizza
  • RBI's Bar and Grill


I found this video of news clips from the 1970's in Rockford from WTVO.  Take a look at the town, the people all the outfits. These types of videos are so fun to look at.



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