The crew from Fox 39 needed to hang out until the World Series was over, to do the news.


middle aged couple and dog laughing at the television

The 10 o'clock new staff of Eric Wilson, Mimi Murphy and Tyler Sebree attempted to keep it together to give us the news after the thrilling, ten inning, World Series game seven. This did not go as planned.

Ten innings, a trophy to hand out, many interviews and speeches led to a 1:30 am newscast. Give this news team credit, they hung out late and got things done.

When I first started in radio, I did the "overnight" shift. By about 4:30am or so it is pretty easy to get giddy and slap-happy for sure. These guys held it together the best that they could.

I can only imagine the looks on their faces with the game went in an extra inning. But seriously how exciting it must have been to know that excited, large audience was going to be right there watching you after the World Series. Good job guys!





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