Dr. Richard Bartlett works at a bunch of clinics in West Texas, has treated dozens for COVID-19, and has been quite successful with what he's using...he has a 100% SURVIVAL RATE.

From CBS7 Dr. Bartlett had been having patients inhale Budesonide (a steroid) with a nebulizer and it's working. Now Budesonide is not FDA approved for COVID-19, but with a 100% survival rate I think I'm good with this.

“The treatment plan is inhaled, generic Budesonide, using some generic antibiotics to protect from a secondary bacterial infection. Using zinc, which interferes with virus replication. It’s common sense. It’s intuitive.” - Dr. Richard Bartlett 

Inhaling Budesonide has been used to treat asthma for years and THAT is FDA approved...just not for COVID-19.

Dr. Bartlett says that patients tell him that the relief happens immediately. France, Spain and the National Institute of Health are all looking into inhaling Budesonide as COVID-19 treatment. Fingers crossed, my friends.

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