A teenage girl found an adult movie featuring her mom and dad.

I think it's natural for teens to be curious. I remember when my parents were out, snooping around their room. I never really found anything interesting.

My friend down the block found one his dad's Playboy magazines. He was very popular in junior high that year.

According to mirror.co.uk,

"When she was 15, a woman claims she was off school because she was sick when she went for a snoop around her parents' room. She says she found a pile of VHS tapes at the back of the closet and, hoping they were adult movies, decided to see what was on them - a decision she would very quickly regret. It was a truly horrifying situation when she realized the naughty movie she was watching was actually her parents."

I think that's every kid's nightmare scenario. Anything that involves your parents and sex.


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