Starting in October, a tattoo exhibit will be on display at Chicago's Field Museum.

If you are a lover of ink, this is absolutely for you.

I myself do not have any tattoos. Why? Because I'm extremely indecisive and I have a very addictive personality. I'd be covered head to toe in the matter of days.

Tattoos mean many different things to many different people. Whether it be a part of your culture, a beautiful art piece to admire or a way to remember loved ones, each are special in their own way.

The Field Museum in Chicago is looking forward to celebrating all things tattoo in the fall.

The Field Museum announced that tattoos will be the subject of their next major temporary exhibit starting October 21st. It will run through April 30 of next year.

The exhibit will feature more than 170 objects related to tattooing. It will feature not only artifacts related to tattooing in different cultures, but also elements that are specific to tattooing in Chicago.

This will be a must see! For more information, visit HERE.

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