If you want some new ink but having trouble picking a design, some shops in Illinois are offering gumball machines to help choose your next tattoo.

Process Of Getting A Tattoo

When it comes to getting a tattoo, the process could go from one extreme to the other. It could be on a drunken impulse with some buddies during a night of partying. You hit the closest tattoo parlor to the bar, pick some art off the wall, and have the random artist ink your body. I'm guessing that's when a lot of regrettable tattoos occur.

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Of course, there's the completely other end of the spectrum where it takes years to pick out the right design and then even longer to actually get it put on your body. Most people fall in between. I did get great advice before I got my first one. Remember, it's forever.

Getting Help Choosing Your Tattoo

Some people want to get a tattoo but they're not exactly sure what to get, especially if they have multiple designs on their body. Most parlors have plenty of art ideas hanging up on the walls throughout the shop. Some artists in Chicago have come up with new and interesting ways to choose your next ink.

Tattoo Gumball Machines In Illinois

Some tattoo parlors in the Chicago area have installed old-school gumball machines in their shops. Instead of cheap toys or candy, the little plastic containers hold tattoo designs. Unlike the temporary ones from when you were a kid, these will actually be real. It's a flat fee for anything you get.

According to chicago.suntimes.com, 

Tattoo designs, usually in a traditional style, are drawn on scraps of paper and put into plastic containers inside a gumball machine. Customers twist the crank and wait.


Then, it’s up to gumball machines and fate to dispense the soon-permanent design.


Would you get a tattoo out of a gumball machine?

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