This Wisconsin woman's unique adventure started out with her love of a gas station chain.

Most People Have Something They Are Passionate About

I am sure there are things that you enjoy. Maybe, you have some sort of hobby or collectibles. Most people have something they are passionate about. For me, it is music. When I travel to a different city, I like to visit record stores. Someone might have a magnet collection on their refrigerator so when they go on vacation, they will purchase a new one to add.

Taking Your Passion To The Next Level

For example, I have heard stories about fans of baseball will try to visit as many different stadiums as they can in one season. I saw an article about a diehard Chicago Bears fan that goes to all the games, home and away, each season. That is being committed to their favorite pastime.

Wisconsin Woman Embarks on Unique Adventure In 2021

Cassandra Berger lives in Wisconsin. One of her favorite places to stop and shop each day is Kwik Trip which is a gas station and convenience store combo. Cassandra also enjoys posting videos on social media. She decided that putting the pair together would be a fun idea. She decided to take her hobby and passion to the next level.

Visiting Every Kwik Trip In Wisconsin

According to,

"She visited all 457 Kwik Trips that existed in Wisconsin as of Jan. 1, 2021."


"She'd typically visit between 10 and 20 at a crack."


"She hit store No. 457 in mid-December."

Now, that is impressive. I give her credit for following through on the whole thing. I think most people would have quit way before that. Well, like I said she is a big fan of Kwik Trip. So much so, she even got a "KT" tattoo.

Now, I want to come up with an idea like this one. Maybe, I will visit all of the Portillo's in Illinois. What place would you choose?

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