When you've only got a few bucks to get lunch with, typically the $1.29 tacos are the way to go. Apparently, that's a bit pricey for some people.

An enraged customer was filmed threatening the staff of a Missouri Taco Bell over what she felt was a discrepancy of the cost of her tacos and burritos.

The woman, who only identified herself as "Charlie f---in’ Manson’s daughter," thought for sure that the cost of her order would've gotten her more food. She began to belittle the employees, and even used racial slurs in her outburst.

She is heard in the video, saying “give me my g—d---- food, you little p----,” and threatened him as well, screaming "I'll follow you home and f--- you up.” She also tells him to get a "real job."

After some back and forth with the employees, one female employee approached her and handed her the receipt from her order, which showed three Burrito Supremes ($3.49 a piece) and two soft tacos ($1.29 a piece) which after tax came to $15.

Warning: Strong Language

She express disbelief at the cost vs. food ratio, but an employee tells her she can either leave or call corporate and tell them about it.

Once the employees finally tell her she's no longer welcome in the store, she gets physical. Ripping down promotional items, shoving straw buckets, and even shoving the plexiglass.

“Punk! Punk bitch! I’m bringing my husband in here.”

“Watch me, you little p---- punk! You’re going down, punk bitch," she yells as she walks away. "You f---ed with the wrong mother----er! I’m Charlie f---in’ Manson’s daughter!”

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