A dog calculator, who knew? You here people say, "well Fluffy is 3, but 15 in human years..." But is that correct?

We turn to the dog science experts at ScienceMag for a legit "Dog Calculator." Here is how is works.

The old way of thinking is for every one dog year, that equals seven dog years. That is based on a formula of a dog living to 10 and a human living to 70. Now we add science, DNA, dog studies and human studies. Check this out:

“We already knew that dogs get the same diseases and functional declines of aging that humans do, and this work provides evidence that similar molecular changes are also occurring during aging, it’s a beautiful demonstration of the conserved features of the epigenetic age clocks shared by dogs and humans.” - Matt Kaeberlein, a  Biogerontologist at the University of Washington


What Matt said! CLICK HERE and type in how old your furry friend is, into the DOG CALCULATOR. This will tell you how old your dog is in human years, for real. This could probably explain some issues your dog might be having as it grows older. Science.

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