Northern Illinois University welcomed a whole lot of Freshman for the Fall 2020 semester. Numbers are up in a big way, with over 2000 from fall of 2019 to fall of 2020. . WTVO

 NIU increased total enrollment during this challenging and dynamic time by attracting a freshman class that is strong in number, talent and diversity, and by welcoming back continuing undergraduate, graduate and law students who appreciate the quality and affordability of our educational experience. -NIU President Lisa Freeman 


President Freeman talks about the diversity at Northern Illinois University, with an incoming freshman class that is 35% black. This is the highest percent in school history. Also this is a smart class coming into NIU. The incoming class has a 3.32 high school grade point average. That would be the second highest in a decade at Northern Illinois University.

For local NIU students, there is that comfort of being close to home while attending a major state university.

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