Have you ever heard of the term "happy accident?" It's basically when something good unexpectedly comes from something that would be considered a mishap or mistake.

Let's call this unexpected moment that was captured at Rockford's El Burrito Loco just that, a happy accident.

Pablo snapped the photo and shared it on Facebook, where it got a huge response; lots of laughs, obviously.

But there was one thing about the sweatpants we didn't know about- that's where the happy accident comes in- "Baby Girl" just happens to be Shemar Moore's, from Criminal Minds, clothing line;  and part of the proceeds from all sales go directly to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Who knew?

So, yes, thank you, baby girl. Thank you for unexpectedly spreading awareness for a good cause and a condition that could be effecting families in our community...and reminding me that I need to get caught up with what's happening on Criminal Minds. I haven't watched since Prentiss left.


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