Some people I know will call me multiple times a day to say one thing here or there, and then I get roped into at least a 30 minute phone call with no real end in sight. Had I just let it go to voicemail, I could've found out the gas price at Kwik Star is cheaper than the place down the road, and could've had 30 minutes of my life back. It's the real life equivalent to "This meeting could've been an email." A new study shows I'm not alone.

YouGov completed a study consisting of all age groups, asking them if they want a phone call or a text. 55% of respondents said they would much rather get a text than a call. The number rises and falls dependent on what age group the respondents are in.

  • 72% of people under 39 years old prefer texting over calling.
  • 61% of those aged 40-54 years old also prefer texting over calling.

For people over 55, only 35% prefer a text, but 49% prefer to get a phone call.

In no surprise, those who prefer call over text were 3 times more likely not to have a smartphone.

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