Just a short drive from Rockford are a couple of towns with a European feel.

2020 is the official year of cancelations and postponements. I had a trip to Vegas planned but looks like that's not going to happen in 2021, hopefully. I'm not alone, many people had the same issues.

Maybe, you had a trip to Europe scheduled. Perhaps, you've never been but it's on your bucket list. Well, you can get the feel of what a European town is like and not even have to get on an airplane. In fact, it's not a bad drive from Rockford to check a couple out.

According to timeout.com

"New Glarus, Wisconsin, a 19th-century Swiss settlement that still prides itself on its chalet-style look and old-world charm, offers some of the very best beer, cheese, and farms in the Midwest." 

My wife and I took a day trip up to New Glarus, We had a good time, ate some tasty food, and check out the little shops. Definitely, worth the trip.

The other location, Holland, Michigan, I haven't been since I was a kid. I do remember thinking it was pretty darn cool at the time. My family went there for a long weekend.

"The town of Holland continues to celebrate its Dutch heritage and stroll around Windmill Island Gardens, a picturesque park centered around a 250-year-old Dutch windmill purchased by Holland residents in the 1960s."

Either way, you can't really go wrong for a short little getaway. Maybe even over Labor Day weekend.

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