Chicago will forever have a connection to the Mafia but there are plenty of other towns in Illinois that are part of the history too.

What Are Chicago And Illinois Famous For Around The World?

If someone asked me what Chicago and Illinois are famous for, there are many things that could be on that list. Though, I believe right at the top would be Al Capone and the Mafia. Their impact has been noticed worldwide. Movies and TV shows have definitely helped push that agenda.

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A few years ago, my family and I took a trip to Finland. When people asked where we were from, I would say Rockford, Illinois but not a lot of people in that country ever heard of it. Unless they were Cheap Trick fans. I usually followed up with it's near Chicago. It was funny because many of the people I talked to would then answer... Al Capone? Mafia? That was their impression of Chicago and Illinois.

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Cities In Illinois With Mafia History Besides Chicago

Of course, Chicago has the Mafia connection but the history runs much deeper throughout Illinois. You would never believe the smaller cities in Illinois that were impacted by the Mob too. Here are some you probably never knew about

Illinois Towns With Mafia History
  • Rockford: Many of the top members of the Chicago Mafia moved their families to the Forest City to keep them away from the trouble in the Windy City.

According to, 

  • Stickney: The Mafia took over this small farm town. They brought in illegal alcohol, gambling, and prostitution businesses.
  • Forest View: Many called this town Caponeville when Al Capone ran out the city leaders and started speakeasies during prohibition.

According to,

  • Herrin: Home to the infamous Shelton Gang and Charlie Birger. They caused chaos in Southern Illinois.

According to effinghamdailynews,

  • Rock Island: The book and movie “Road to Perdition” was based on the Mafia activity in that area.

According to,

    • Quincy: Al Capone lived in this small Illinois town for a while.

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