There are 75,000 people in downtown Rockford for Stroll on State, but there are still financial concerns for the city.

Photo Courtesy of Stroll On State
Photo Courtesy of Stroll On State

Stroll on State is an amazing event in downtown Rockford that truly makes you appreciate how great Rockford is. But with every large scale event, there are costs. Police and fire protection for an event of this size is crucial. So what does the city do if they can't afford this?

Rockford alderman spoke to the "Stroll" organizers that there could be some financial issues with the police and fire protection. But with Mayor Tom McNamara in charge, there appears to be a silver lining.  After the discussion Monday night, here is what Mayor McNamara said:

"As long as I’m mayor, if Stroll on State needs a little bit of help ... I will be 100 percent behind it. I think what Stroll on State does not just bringing down all the people, not just the sales taxes it generates, but what it does for the residents who live in Rockford was missing from tonight’s discussion.”

Mic drop Mr. Mayor, mic drop....Let's stroll.


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