You can have fun and not get trouble by staying home on St. Patrick's Day.

On a big party night like St. Patrick's Day, it's never a bad thing to stay home. You can still have a good time and you are less likely to get in trouble.

Of course, we have to do it Rockford style. It will be a little bit different.

A trip to Woodman's is mandatory to pick up some party supplies. The most important part is drinks. Grab some Guinness and Jameson. You'll be set for the night. Dinner is always a good idea while you are drinking. You have to stick with the traditional corn beef and cabbage.

Next stop is Disc Replay for some entertainment. Grab a copy of the movie "Leprechaun." You could also pick up some U2 CD's while you are there.

What's a bash without party favors? Hit up Party City for some St. Patrick's themed items.

Since you are hosting the party, you might want to have some extra blankets and pillows ready. That way your friends can crash at your place.


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