A new infographic illustrates the top-selling musicians in America by state of birth, with a number of familiar classic rock greats among those featured.

The map, created by Redditor Ooosh-E, includes a few distinctly unsurprising sales champions like Bruce Springsteen for the state of New Jersey and Prince in Minnesota. Among the most surprising?: Smooth jazz shlockster Kenny G, not Nirvana, is the best-selling native musician from Washington state.

Other classic rockers of note: Tom Petty in Florida, Billy Joel in New York, Steve Miller in Wisconsin, George Thorogood in Delaware and Metallica in California. The bulk of the rest were dominated by country artists, with a few pop acts like Michael Jackson (Indiana) and Madonna (Michigan) sprinkled in.

Several states -- including Nevada, Oregon and South Carolina, among others -- were left blank, as they didn't have a native-born musician in the RIAA's Top 250 for all-time sales.