Out of all the words to get wrong, this one is pretty bad.

I am one of the worst spellers I know. I can fully admit that. My spell check on my phone even struggles to help me at this point because I consistently spell the same words wrong. Some of the words I ALWAYS get wrong include (PS, don't judge me here) ...

  • Definitely
  • Business (This one got me out of the spelling bee and I still can't remember it)
  • Separate
  • Exersize

There's probably way more I'm forgetting, but those always trip me up. A new Google Trends list was just released and this time its "Each State's Most Misspelled Word". Spoiler alert - you're going to seriously shake your head at Illinois' word.



Really Illinois? I know you know how to spell Corona like the beer, then you just add the word virus on the end. I can see how the word quarantine made the list, because until we actually had to quarantine, I don't think I could've spelled it flawlessly.

This map makes me feel so much better about my list of words. One on the list that slightly concerns me is "every". Three states had trouble spelling "every," Hawaii, Mississippi and Montana. I mean, I'm not judging, it's just one of the shortest words on the list that made me laugh.

What words were a little more unique? UPI details -

Words appearing only once on the list were "eighty" (Alaska), "receive" (Arkansas), "government" (Delaware), "succeed" (Washington, D.C.), "pharaoh" (Florida), "piece" (Idaho), "multiplication" (Kansas), "watch" (Maine), "exercise" (North Carolina) and "confident" (Texas).

So next time you're seeing a red line under a word you type, just know, you're not alone.

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