Brovember in Rockford kicks off on November 1st, so get ready to start growing facial hair for a good cause.

For the past few years, men's facial hair has been a big thing.

If you go anywhere in and around Rockford, you'll see lots of guys with it.

Some are like me and like to grow a beard for the winter when it gets cold.

Now, you can have the joy of growing it, but also benefit a great cause.

Dave Armstrong, the owner of Downtown Barbers Shave Club located in downtown Rockford, had an idea.

He heard of "No Shave November," as a national campaign for men's cancer awareness. Armstrong noticed lots of men growing their beards out during that month. He would ask them, "Why are you growing a beard." The answer would be "For No Shave November."

Dave thought it was great they supported the cause, but he believed that more could be done. How could this become a "Rockford Thing" and raise money for research in our area?

That's when he started Brovember.

"Brovember Inc. is a registered charitable organization established to promote the awareness of men's cancer issues and to raise funds to establish local health care programs and other worthwhile causes locally. We have expanded in promoting the awareness and raising funds to establish the Brovember US Endowment for the Prostate Cancer Research Program with the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine at Rockford. We are committed to supporting and providing access to the local cancer initiatives that provide the needed resources in our community through our innovative, fun and engaging campaigns!"

In only a few years, they have raised over $30,000 for local research.

Brovember kicks off on November 1st and runs all month. Now, it's your turn to help out. Grow some facial hair and have your friends and family sponsor you to raise money for this great cause.

Start your own "Bro Fund Me" page right now.

By the way, if you already have a beard or mustache, don't worry. You don't have to shave it off and start from scratch to be involved.

If you can't grow it (ladies, this includes you), support somebody who is involved, like me.

Here's a link to my donation page... Double T Bro Fund Me

Another great thing about Brovember, it's not just a November thing. They have different events throughout the year.

Happy beard growing.


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