Well, heck...go big or go home? Or leave home and go do something stupid, which leads cops to your home....A Springfield, IL man that was on federal probation was found with eight pounds of cocaine in his house. WCIA

Mario D. Oliea isn't so super...He's big time busted down in Springfield. Officers had a warrant for his arrest, and went to his home. As the cops arrived, Mario was out! Took off, or at least tried to take off. Running never really works, does it? Even with a name like Mario...He can't jump down a giant green pipe and warp to another world, not happening this time.

A search of Mario's car found a "small amount" of cocaine...Which led them back into his home, for the motherload. This dude that was on federal probation, was still doing his thing for sure. So here is what the cops found in Mario's home:

  • More than eight pounds of cocaine
  • Three-quarters of a pound of marijuana
  • Digital scales 
  • Cocaine packaging

Oh but the fun is not over for Mario, there was a second search of the home that turned up a butt load of cash! So what were the charges on Mario D. Oliea you say?

  • Manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance
  • Delivering under 500 grams of marijuana
  • Aggravated fleeing and eluding

Dude was taken to jail and held on a $300,000 bond...

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