The dream of Robbie Gould coming back to the Bears to fix their kicking problems is apparently dead. 

A quick refresher on the Bears kicking situation if you forgot.

Sidebar: My favorite moment from that clip is Al Michaels yelling "That's impossible." Really an awesome moment for Bear fans.

Since then Cody Parkey has been cut and now the Bears have <checks internet> two guys named Elliot Fry and Eddy Pineiro on their roster designated as kickers. Understandably, this doesn't sit well with Bear fans.

Many wanted fan favorite and "lover of all things Chicago" Robbie Gould to join the team during free agency. The 49ers ruined that dream when they put the franchise tag on the 36-year-old kicker. At that point, Robbie had to choose between being one of the top 5 paid kickers in the league for San Francisco or sit out the year. Today Robbie made that choice. I believe the movie Jerry Magwire summed it up best.

And I can't blame him.

It's amazing that there aren't 32 people on the planet that could be a good NFL kicker but here we are.

Ryan Pace. It's time you start scouring soccer fields all over the country. We need to think outside the box on this on. You've done a great job with this team but another special teams disaster, (ESPECIALLY when Bears fans are used to excellent special teams play seeing the like of Gould and Hester for years) could put you right back on the hot seat.

Good luck and go bears!

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