Too much snow on the Aragon Ballroom forces bricks off the building and causes road closure and "L" train delays.

I really miss going to concerts. It is a hobby of mine. Some people like fishing or golfing. Not me, I go to shows. It has been almost a year since I have been to one.

When it comes to concerts, I think we are pretty lucky. I know we do not get a ton of shows but the ones we get are good. Plus, we have some great venues here. If there is a band you want to see and they are not playing in the Forest City, it is just a short drive to Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison to check them out.

I know a lot of people from Rockford prefer to avoid Chicago at all costs. I am the opposite. I do not mind it at all. Some of my favorite places to see live music are there. It is funny the best venues in Chicago are older and a little rundown.

A theater near the top of my list is the Aragon Ballroom. I started going there for shows when I was sixteen. It is a legendary venue. So many amazing bands have played there. I think the best part is that it is not new and fancy. The Aragon definitely has some wear and tear.

Unfortunately, being an older building, the recent snowstorm created some issues.

According to,

"The CTA’s Purple and Red lines experienced delays and streets were closed after debris from the Aragon Ballroom loosened by snow buildup fell near the “L” tracks Tuesday morning in Uptown, according to officials. The partial collapse was of a roof parapet on the west side of the building that was damaged by heavy snow buildup, the Fire Department later said. Crews inspected the concrete roof, but it appeared to be intact."

These is also video from ABC 7 Chicago Twitter page...

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