I stumbled across a complete listing of every concert held at the Aragon Ballroom from 1968 to 1999 and boy did I miss out on some incredible shows!

The Aragon Ballroom is a concert venue, that believe it or not, I have never been!

The Vic, Double Door, Park West, House of Blues... you name it, I've been there. I'm actually quite disappointed in myself to have never experienced the Aragon Ballroom, let alone the incredible shows they have had there.

Megadeth "Gigantour" In Concert
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The Aragon Ballroom holds just over 3,000 people, a nice intimate venue. When going through the list of all the shows performed here, these are the ten shows I wish I could have seen:

1. January 25, 1969: Stevie Wonder / Motown Sound / Soul Machine

You can't go wrong with this line up! I could just see myself screaming and singing along to all of the hits. This had to have been one incredible show.

2. August 1-2, 1969: Mothers of Invention (1) / Chuck Berry (1-2) / Howlin’ Wolf (1-2) / Fats Domino (2)

Frank Zappa! Frank freaking Zappa, Chuck Berry, Howlin' Wolf and Fats Domino all in two days!? Say it isn't so!

3. October 12, 1973: ZZ Top / Fleetwood Mac / Nazareth

Do I even have to explain the awesomeness of this line up?

4. March 28, 1975: Aerosmith / Rush

I've come to the conclusion the 70's were the greatest era of music ever.

5. March 19, 1976: Johnny Winter

I would have loved to have been given the opportunity to have seen Johnny Winter. He is extremely talented and a great sense of style. We do have the same haircut after all.

6. October 19, 1979: AC/DC / Pat Travers

Bon Scott, 4 months before he died. That's all I have to say about that.

7. October 31, 1980: Grateful Dead

Along the same lines, Jerry Garcia.

8. May 24, 1981: Ozzy Osbourne / Motorhead

Lemmy, 1981 Lemmy and Ozzy!? Remember, this venue only holds a little over 3,000 people. I bet it was extremely loud in there!

9. November 29, 1991: Red Hot Chili Peppers / Smashing Pumpkins / Pearl Jam

Does this just scream early 90's or what!?

10. September 16, 2002: The Rolling Stones

The setlist was everything I've ever wanted in a Rolling Stones concert and more. Plus, I will remind you again, the venue only holds a little over 3,000 people. Talk about being up close and personal to Mick, Keith and the rest of the Stones. Wow!

What I would give to go back in time and see some of these incredible shows.

It was extremely difficult to pick out only 10 out of the listing.

If you would like to see all of the shows that were at the Aragon Ballroom from the 60's to the 90's CLICK HERE and try to contain your excitement.

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