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Here is some good "back to normal" news for 2021, Six Flags Great America will be open. This means locally Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor here in Rockford.

CNN All 26 of the Six Flags Amusement Parks AND Water Parks will be open this season. Last year Six Flags entertained only 4.6 million in the first nine months. During that same time period in 2019, there were 26.7 million.

O.K. so here are the rules as you prepare to enjoy your summer:

Reservations will be required, only a limited number of people will be let in the park....shorter lines, sweet! Masks will be required for all staff and guests, and you will also have to pass a temperature check. This comes directly from the Six Flags Website.

 "Our guests and team members are ready for the return of fun and signature Six Flags thrills in 2021, last year, we set the standard for operating our parks safely, and entertained millions of guests in adherence to government, and CDC health guidelines at 21 of our 26 parks. We offered a local and outdoor entertainment venue spanning dozens to hundreds of acres where families and friends could safely spend time together." - Bonnie Weber, senior vice president of Park Operations

Be prepared for social distancing on rides, in lines, and at seating around the park.

As we climb back into "normal" in 2021, please stay safe. The opening dates locally are April 24th for Six Flags Great America and May 29th for Hurricane Harbor in Rockford.

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