This video absolutely made me cry. I have two sisters of my own, yet I doubt we could re-create this. We are all completely tone deaf.

I'm not just your tough-as-nails rock DJ... I'm actually a huge sap and I cry daily. I love to cry. It's good for you. It's also embarrassing when you watch a YouTube video at work and your boss sees you crying at your desk.

Lucky for me, Brizz is out today so I can watch all the sappy videos I want.

I came across this jewel of two adorable sisters who are extremely talented! When watching these two sing together about being best friends, sisters, and having so much love for eachother... that's when I lost it.


Lennon and Maisy do an awesome cover of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes song “That’s What’s Up.”

I kept thinking of my sisters, Sara and Debbie and how much I love them. Nothing is better than the love of your sibling!

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