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With Christmas a little more than a week away, some of us will hit the road to celebrate with family and friends. (Please mask up and be safe)

Here is your challenge, 96.7 The Eagle listeners:

You are at an airport with your mask on...You want to show the person closest to you that you are from Rockford, IL by only showing them a picture. No talking, no handshakes, you open your phone and hold it out for them to see. Whatever is on your phone will tell this stranger "I'm from Rockford, Illinois." What would you show them, what would tell a complete stranger that this is where you are from?

There are so many great places and structures around here that could tell this stranger a story with only a photo. But what would you use? Is "The Symbol" too confusing? Would showing a stranger a picture of Beef-a-Roo cheese fries make this person wonder if you are just hungry?

So let's see what you got. Upload a photo below to complete this challenge. We will put all the photo's into an album and share them with the class at a later date.

This could be anything that makes you think, "Rockford." Eagle listeners are always creative, and smart...so this should be very interesting to say the least.

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