Illinois couple can eat out after turning their van into a dining room.

When I was a kid, Friday nights were the time my family would go out to eat. My parents started that routine when they began dating and it continued for years. They both worked hard all week and wanted to have a night off from cooking. Even in the times when they were young with not a lot of money, they would still go out for a pizza and pitcher of beer. I remember patiently waiting for them to get home from work, so we could have some fun family time together.

Now, that I have my own family, we also enjoy going out for a bit to eat. We don't necessarily go every Friday but we make an effort to spend some time together outside of our home. Plus, who does not love to enjoy some tasty food that someone else makes for you?

The way people dine out has changed drastically this year. Indoor seating has not been allowed. When the weather was nice, customers could enjoy patios and tents, They could even get their food to go and have a picnic somewhere. Now, we are back to the beginning and stuck at home.

Of course, the restaurants are hurting but the diners miss going to them too. It is just not the same eating your favorite meal at home. Part of the experience is being out and about.

Once again, creativity shines through in these strange circumstances. One couple in Illinois figured out a way to still get that eating out experience.

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"Doug and Kim White settle down to all the comforts of sitting inside their favorite restaurants. There are table settings, some ambiance, and good company. Since October, the couple from Lombard has been "dining out" in their converted transit van, transformed into a personal dining room for two. "You can get the take-out. It puts it in a little box, and you bring it home, you're eating out of the box, where's the spirit in that?" Kim White said."

I am starting to think about what can I do with my car.

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