Remember when going out to eat was just a normal thing? I never thought that something like dining out would ever NOT be a thing in my life. And it's seriously one of the things I miss the most about pre-pandemic life.

Doug and Kim White, of Lombard, IL. clearly miss going out to eat too. But unlike me who just turned to the carry out option, they got a little more creative.

Like me, they missed going out to eat, and carry out wasn't delivering the same experience they got from dining out. So they converted a van into a dining room. The couple returned to eating out in October, when they converted the back of their transit van into a miniature dining room.

I think this is the coolest quarantine project I've seen so far. One of the craziest parts is how inexpensive it was to build. Doug White said the dining room cost less than $100 to assemble. And ever since then the couple has since been visiting their favorite area restaurants and having plated food delivered to the back door of the van.

They even have an Instagram page that keeps up with their van food adventures.

Look how amazing this set up looks when it's filled with delicious food.




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Talk about making the best of a situation! Doug and Kim White aren't letting 2020 ruin what they love and I think that's incredible.

You can follow along with their journey on their Instagram page. 

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