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Rockford has a deep, rich history in the "b-boy" world, or in breakdancing.  Luckily for those in town that enjoy spinning on their heads, breakdancing will be added to the 2024 Olympics...heck, why not?

Just a couple years ago RRSTAR a film was talked about, documenting the Rockford breakdancing scene called "Rock III."  This short film was a Rock Valley College film project, that used old footage from over the years that the producer Jaime Perez found on old video tapes.

The concept of the Rockford breakdancing documentary in simple...Show the younger generations about doing what makes you happy:

“The main thing we want to achieve is to let the youth know to do what you love, pretty much whatever you’re into — it doesn’t have to be breakdancing or hip-hop; if it makes you happy, go for it, whether people agree with you or not.” - Jaime Perez

Check this out:

So now we move on to the current day, when it's been announced that in 2024 breakdancing will be an Olympic sport. Figuring how the 1980's were "the" breakdancing days as far as the mainstream popularity...will all the teams be in their 50's?

There are underground parties and "b-boy sessions" happening in Rockford that could lead to Olympic gold. Breakdancing in the Olympics, Rockford you got this!

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