Have you ever put mayonnaise or butter on a minor kitchen burn?

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I remember when I was a kid my sister burnt her hand after touching the hot oven rack, my uncle told my parents to put some mayonnaise on the burn to help treat it, and surprisingly it seemed to work.

Since then whenever anyone in my family got a minor kitchen burn, we just put a little mayo on it, and in a bit, it seems to be fine.

The other day I had to relive this same story with my oldest when she got a small burn helping me in the kitchen and I instinctively put mayo on it.  After explaining it to her and seeing the look on her face, I got thinking if mayo is really what I should be using in these situations.

I'm learning now that mayo shouldn't be used to treat minor burns and is merely a first aid myth. Per the HealthWatchCenter.com here's why mayo is a no-go:

Butter, mayo or other types of grease may cause even more damage to tender skin and pulling clothing or other materials stuck to the burn could damage the tissue or pull the skin off completely.

The Mayo Clinic states that the actual course of action is to run the affected area under cool water for 10 to 15 minutes or until it stops hurting. A clean, cool, damp towel can also work.

I don't know, I'll probably just continue with the mayo if it's not broke......

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