The Satanic Temple would like to bring "After School Satan Club" to public elementary schools near you.

I'm sure this will raise a few eyebrows with parents across the Rockford area.

The Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts would like to bring an after-school Satan Club to public schools across the country.

Now before you get your panties in bunch and try to say that there should be NO religious programs in public schools, know that there are.

Across the United States there are plenty of religious based after school Christian programs being offered in public schools. I'm not sure if your particular school applies, but they do happen across the country.

According to the Washington Post, and this flashy video below is what chapter heads are using to promote the program.

Not going to lie, I got through the first :17 seconds of the video and got a little creeped out. Let me know how the rest goes, will ya?

Could you watch it? I tried, again, but only got :38 seconds in this time.

Apparently, the Satan Club has nothing to do with Satan.

It actually seems more like a science club to me.



But the group’s plan for public schoolchildren isn’t actually about promoting worship of the devil. The Satanic Temple doesn’t espouse a belief in the existence of a supernatural being that other religions identify solemnly as Satan, or Lucifer, or Beelzebub. The Temple rejects all forms of supernaturalism and is committed to the view that scientific rationality provides the best measure of reality.

Hey, kids will even be served a snack. Who doesn't love snack time?

Is this something you would allow your kids to visit? For more information visit

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