Will the REAL Fred Rogers please stand up? With a new movie "Won't You be my Neighbor" hitting theaters this Thanksgiving, let's look at the crazy rumors about the beloved Mr. Rogers.

From ATI, these are some of the great rumors about Mr, Rogers:

  • Tattoos - With Fred always wearing long sleeves (sweaters) there were rumors that he was covering up a bunch of tattoos. No. Oh, and his mother made the sweaters.
  • A Vietman Sniper - The US Military has denied the variety of rumors surrounding Mr. Rogers. Vietman Sniper, bad ass solider, killing machine....etc.
  • Gave Kids the Middle Finger on TV - O.K., there's video of this...but it all had to do with one of his songs and the middle fingers were a part of the tune, watch the entire video. 
  • Hail Satan - No, no, and no...another good one was his corrupting the youth with the devil. Check this one out:

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