November 13th is World Kindness Day and no one signifies that more than Fred Rogers, known to most as Mr. Rogers.

Like most of us, the important life lessons learned while watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood are ones you'll never forget.

Even if the show isn't on the air anymore, the characters and values of the Land of Make Believe live on with the cartoon Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which also airs on PBS.

Both of my kids loved it and I can see Fred Rogers' legacy living on for another generation.

His lessons weren't the only aspect of his legacy, his cardigans are equally as famous. Changing them and his shoes at the beginning and end of each episode.

Please, won't you be my neighbor......

A group in Philly is now asking everyone who owns one of these famous sweaters to wear one on Wednesday as a tribute to Fred Rogers on World Kindness Day as a nod to one of the kindness men the world has ever know.

I'll be wearing one of my many sweaters on Wednesday, will you be?

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