"Find a penny pick it up..." "Find a buck, you're in luck..." Not so fast, peeps. This message comes to us from the Giles County Sheriffs Dept, and hold true across the country and here at home.

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So here's the deal, if you see a folded up dollar bill on the ground...DO NOT PICK IT UP. In Perry, Tn. they had two separate situations take place where there was a folded up dollar bill on the floor of a gas station. In each situation the person picked up, and unfolded the dollar bill to find a white powder substance inside. After lab tests were done, it was found that the powder substance was meth and fentanyl. Touching fentanyl call have a DEADLY reaction when it comes in contact with your skin.

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It doesn't matter if it's a gas station floor or a playground, or wherever. Keep this in mind as you are out and about this summer, especially with your kids. "Hey look money!" Could lead to some serious health issues.

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In this photo below, take a look at the penny. Next to it is the amount of the drug fentanyl that it takes to kill a person if it comes in contact with human skin, wow! That is a super small amount of the drug. Check this out:


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