Love will make you do crazy will lots of alcohol and a pea sized brain.

This Illinois man posed as his ex-wife's lawyer, and some how got into jail to "see his client," oh and he was drunk. NewsChannel20

Dateline, Taylorville, Illinois... James Lindsey came up with a brilliant plan to visit his ex-wife in jail. Pretend to be her lawyer, act smart, get a little drunk first, and you're in! Well...part of this worked for James.

Hand in jail
Drunk Illinois Man Arrested For Kicking Cops Right There

The man made it past the first level...Yes he made it inside the building where his ex-wife was being held. Oh by the way, his ex was jailed for possession of meth with the intent to deliver. So James made it into the jail building and they sent him to a room to await his ex-wife. He was asked by another officer inside to jail to present identification, proving he was her lawyer...this was when officers noticed he was intoxicated. Oops.


They gave him a breathalyzer and he was over the legal limit. He was then ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE JAIL, but only if someone came to pick him up...oh boy. It seems that they knew exactly what they were doing, because the following day he RETURNED to the jail to visit his ex-wife, and that was when they arrested him!


Returning to the scene of the crime, where criminals are held...he was arrested for criminal trespass on state property. Freaking brilliant. It's almost like they knew, this bonehead will be back. "Hey thanks for coming back, pick a cell...any cell."

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Say cheese, Illinois!


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