There are many stories throughout Wisconsin about Bigfoot and monsters roaming America's Dairyland. The folklore that surrounds the "Hodag" monster comes with some truth...The legend of this super-beast proves to me real, somewhat, and the most well known in the state of Wisconsin. Whoonew

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Bigfoot sightings are all the time. Find a state with a wooded area and come spots to set up camp, and you have Bigfoot on the loose. That 8mm video from decades ago attempted to prove to us that this was REALLY Bigfoot...nice try. That is very similar to the "Hodag Monster" too. Stories and folklore form over the years has lead us to some crazy conclusions.

It Comes at Night

How about a description of this monster by the man that claimed to catch "Hodag" back about 50 years ago. Just the explanation has me freaked out!

“The animal’s back resembled that of a dinosaur, and his tail, which extended to an enormous length, had a spear-like end….The legs were short and massive and the claws were thick and curved denoting great strength…From the broad muscular mouth, sharp, glistening white teeth protruded.” -  Eugene Shepard

Shepard was walking in the woods and claims that the first "oddity" that alerted his senses, was a foul smell. Once Eugene found himself face to face with Hogad, it apparently was the monsters breath that was giving off the odor.

ullstein bild, Getty Images
ullstein bild, Getty Images

Once captured, the towns people gathered as they attempted to "kill" to beast, which was harder than they thought. The answer, dynamite. There's a pic oof people gathering around to witness ole Hogad, HERE.

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