When traveling by plane, the security screening bins in the airport are the worst spot for germs.

It seems like every time I travel on an airplane, I end up getting sick or at least catching a cold.

I try to avoid contact with places in the airport where I believe will have germs. I wash my hands a lot. It still doesn't seem to work.

Maybe, that's because I didn't realize there's an area I didn't even think about.

According to wgntv.com,

"A new study from a team of experts has revealed those airport security plastic trays are the biggest culprit for spreading germs in airports."

The only problem, the bins are almost impossible to avoid. Even if you don't bring a carry on bag, you still have to use them for at least your shoes.

I suggest grabbing some hand sanitizer for your next trip and using it immediately after going through security.


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