Here are the top places your children come in contact with germs at school.

Some of the Rockford area kids have already gone back to school. The rest will be heading there within the next couple of weeks.

I see posts on Social Media by happy parents who are excited their children will be back on a normal schedule after a free for all summer.

There's one thing to not look forward to with classes back in session. That's the colds, flu, and other sicknesses the little ones will come in contact from their classmates. Once the first person in a family starts not feeling well, the rest usually follows.

Here are some places these students should be aware of because they are the most common places in school to catch germs.

According to,

"A study has listed what it considers to be the germiest places at schools."

  1. Desks
  2. Computer Keyboards
  3. Sinks
  4. Wastebaskets
  5. Doorknobs and handles
  6. Books
  7. Toys
  8. Art supplies
  9. Gym equipment
  10. Playground equipment
  11. Water fountains
  12. Cafeteria trays
  13. Bathrooms
  14. Pet habitats
  15. Pencil sharpeners

It's impossible to avoid touching these things, but they can wash their hands or use hand sanitizer after being exposed to them.

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