It saddens my heart to see such an incredible piece of history and personal honor for sale at a Goodwill Store.

Over the weekend holiday weekend, I heard many stories of my grandfather, Bruce. Bruce was a para-jumper in World War II, a two time purple heart recipient and all around bad-ass.

It was amazing to hear the stories my father shared with us and my nephew really enjoyed looking through Bruce's binoculars from when he was stationed in Paris.

When this photo was shared with me today, my heart sank.

A Purple Heart belonging to Eual H. Whiteman, who passed away in 1991, was for sale at Goodwill for $4.99.

Laura Waldock Hardy originally found this at a Goodwill near Mesa, Arizona.

Thanks to the internet, it was reunited with Eual's family.

I have to imagine it was a mix up and should have never been brought to a Goodwill Donation Center to begin with. Thank you internet, for bringing this piece of history home.

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